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So you have decided to Renovate your home. 

In most cases it works out cheaper to renovate then to completely demolish and build a new home. There are a few exceptions to this when it comes to second story extensions, due to the possible rebuilding of the lower story. 

We find that most people who have a smaller older home with a possibly lean to on the back - generally decide to demolish the lean to and extend. We can organise all demolition work and council approvals. 

It's a good idea to work out what rooms you want to add and get a general idea of the levels of finish. You can do this by looking on the internet, Pinterest and Instagram. We keep allot more of our photos and videos on our facebook page. 

Things to consider in a renovation and extension. 

Another factor to consider into the costings is where you will live while the renovation takes place. Deciding to live onsite can be a stressful decision. On most extensions, the power needs to go off for safety and gas disconnected. We leave power on at the meter box with one plug available. In some cases, it won't be feasible to live onsite due to safety reasons. For best practice plan to rent for 6 months. 

How long does a Renovation or Home extension take? 

The timeline depends on the size of the job. Most renovations in the $200,000 to $400,000 are completed within 6 months. For larger jobs, it could take one year. 

Why should you choose Nuovo Homes for your Extension.

You need a building supervisor who is experienced with extension and renovation works in Adelaide. This kind of general building is much more time consuming and requires someone to pay close attention to what is happening onsite. Renovations and Extensions always produce challenges regarding old to new connections, old plaster works to new gyprock and getting floor levels correct. Its Tim's time as a carpenter, that gives him the trade skills to make the right calls on all our renovation jobs. 

Our initial quote meeting is free. 

If you are considering some extension or renovation work - you should call us before anyone else. We can include the design work and layouts, offer budget ideas and make sure you have realistic expectations for your budget. 

The problem with getting your drawings outsourced to an architect or draftsman. 

From my experience, I find a couple processors people go through. It's hard to compare apples with apples when it comes to building quotes. So, people think I'll pay a designer to come up with a design and get builders to quote it. There is nothing wrong with this approach and it may be a great idea for jobs over $300,000. But if there is a discrepancy in the plans, the extra cost to fix will become a variation. Generally, the draftsman bears no financial responsibility to what happens onsite. The extra cost falls to the owner who supplied drawings that didn't take into account lintel sizes or potential other problems. When the builder draws his plans in house, all the risk is on the builder to make sure that what is drawn works onsite. Its more peace of mind. At Nuovo Homes we offer free design service including the plans in our quote for the work. 

Where do Variations normally occur in Extension and Renovation work. 

Nuovo Homes process gets all selections finalised before the contract signing. The only exception to this is if you're in a rush and want us to start immediately, which happens from time to time. But we always have allowances for demolition as we don't know what may be under the ground. A good example is if a well is found or more fill then expected by engineers. Once you're past the demolition and earth works stage generally the only variations are if you choose to make some with Nuovo Homes. Because every extension project in Adelaide is so different, and the customer requirements so different, it can be possible for there to be some unforeseen works involving the old house. Does the existing electrical meet the code. Some homes require the whole home to be re-wired. The electrical needs to be signed off on the job and we need to make sure no one gets electrocuted in the roof space. Some old homes we have been too still have the cotton wire fittings. 

the areas we identify as possible variations are

1) Demolition

2) Earthworks 

3) Gas and Sewer Pipes

4) Electrical 

What size Renovations do Nuovo Homes complete? 

Nuovo Homes will take on any size extension - but something to bear in mind is, the smaller the extension the higher the cost per square meter. When a job is large trades charge by the square meter, when it gets smaller they charge by the day or hour. So, extending a small 12sqm can be very costly per square meter price. Once a job gets to 100 square meters or above we can ensure a good price per square meter from all our trades and suppliers. 

Nuovo Homes is happy to be contacted about any renovation or extension work no matter the size. If we think the job is too small, we can refer you onto the trades and businesses that are able to help you. 

Should we build a flat roof or picthed? 

I always recommend matching the roof into the existing structure. A common idea is that flat roofs are cheaper - but that's not entirely true. Flat roofs depending on how they are built can require larger beam sizes then a traditional gable. I also believe that making your extension look like it is and always was part of the home is the best way to increase your property value. 

One thing to be careful of is changing tiles to iron - some old roofs will need extra work to get the sagging rafters correct. 


Please read our customer testimonies located on the tab. 

Suburbs we have completed extensions include

Glenelg, Melrose Park, South Brighton, Brighton, Norwood, Stonyfell, Burnside, Erindale, Glenunga, Linden Park, Beaumont, Hectorville, Tranmere, Beulah Park, Rose Park, Kingswood



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