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Aaron Keane
We were initially building with another builder who went bankrupt. By chance I was on the radio telling my story and Tim was listening and made contact through the radio station's Facebook page. We met with Tim and his offer seemed too good to be true. As a first home owner and builder we were quite skeptical about things being over-promised and under-delivered, but we took a chance and went with Nuovo Homes. There were quite a few reasons why we took that chance. Firstly, some of Nuovo's previous clients were happy to speak to us on the phone and give a referral. One even invited us into his house to show us around - you don't get that type of referral from other builders. Next was Tim's motto. He was happy to have a smaller piece of the pie rather no pie at all. That meant that Tim's margin was probably smaller than what it could have been to match, and in the end, better, the contract we had with the other builder. Tim also very generously deducted the amount we lost to the other builder - something we are very, very grateful for. Next reason was the quality of product and finishes that Nuovo Homes offers as standard. From the bricks through to the floor tiles, even niches in the showers. Many things with Nuovo Homes were standard which we would have had to pay extra for with other builders as upgrades. We also liked the idea of dealing with just one person from start to finish. We had confidence that what Tim sold us was what would be delivered on during the build. Sure, there are some great salesmen working for other builders, but at the end of the day, they're not the ones in charge of building the house. After the sale you'd never hear from them again. Tim is there from the start right through to the end, and was always just a phone call, text message or email away with any questions we had. As with every large project and build, there were a few things that didn't quite go to plan during the build, but Tim handled them quickly and resolved them as best he could. Although not perfect the overall process and product would be as close to perfect as you could expect. After handover Tim has personally come out to fix up some minor things that needed to be done. Many people have told me that after you hand over the final payment you probably won't hear from the builder again and not to expect them to fix things during the maintenance period. Tim, however gets on the tools and gets it done. People generally also say that building a new house is a nightmare wouldn't do it again. My experience was the opposite and I would happily build again and would build with Nuovo Homes again without doubt. Fate / chance brought us to Nuovo Homes the first time, should there be a next time it will be a conscious decision to go back to Nuovo Homes. Thanks again, Tim.
Aaron Keane, Client

13 March 2018

Thank you Tim for building our home and restoring our faith in the building process. We chose Tim because all we wanted was someone who could turn our design into reality. After approaching volume building companies who once the deposit was made and selections were done wanted to lock us out of the building site and hope that we would walk away and not come back till the building was completed. However Tim include us in the whole building process he listened to what we wanted and made suggestions as to how an idea could be done better.
The land we chose was not straight forward and there were some challenges that we had to overcome and Tim managed to do that with ease. Tim was always there to answer any questions we had no matter how simple or difficult. He was well organised and always had tradesmen on site when he said they would be and because of this the project was completed ahead of schedule.
We highly recommend Tim and his team for any building project you may be considering.
We cannot thank Tim enough for a wonderful job, giving us what we asked for and creating not just a house but our home.

Kind regards

Sue Tilley
Sue Tilley



To whom it may concern,
It is with satisfaction that we recommend Nuovo Homes as a builder. We asked Tim to extend our home, which essentially doubled its size. Our early meetings with Tim resulted in some good ideas being put forward in how to utilise our existing space. Before we started, we had no real knowledge of the renovation process, so Tim helped us to understand our project by explaining how each step of the process works.
We can see from the result that the work was carried out to the highest standard. Tim has a perfectionist's eye and pays close attention to detail. We noticed on numerous occasions that he would go above and beyond the minimum, to achieve an even better result. Importantly, Tim was always pleasant and courteous throughout the project, and so were the subcontractors that formed his team.
We hit a couple of minor hiccups along the way, which we understand to be only natural in such a relatively big project, but each hiccup was resolved remarkably quickly and always in good faith by Tim.
As for the result, it is absolutely fantastic. It has totally changed the way we live as a family and it is really beautiful. It is in fact just as I imagined it. Friends and family who come to visit us now, are impressed and amazed at the quality of the job that has been completed.
We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nuovo Homes to future customers.

Yours sincerely,
Naomi and Pat Bruse

Naomi and Pat

Excellent builder. Lots of people have told me horror stories about building, but with Tim, there were no really major problems all the way through. Finished on time to cost with lots of personal attention from Tim, who was always available for a chat.
Richard S

Catherine Carter 5 star , We chose Tim (Nuovo Homes) to extend and join our property (South Brighton) as he thought carefully about the finished look and offered alternatives rather than just agreeing to what we said, unlike some other builders. He gave the impression of genuinely caring about the project and we trusted him to use good quality products and materials. We have not been disappointed, the finish is excellent and we are loving living in our new home!
Catherine Carter

11 July 2015

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Excellent builder. Lots of people have told me ...

Richard S
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